` Forrest Davis for SREC 10
As your representative, what I will bring to the SREC is an undying commitment to accountability, transparency, and boldness towards our conservative principles and our Republican Party Platform.

I am endorsed by Jill Glover, current SREC committeewoman for SD 12, Texas Freedom Coalition leader Christin Bentley, and Grassroots Texas Pastor Marty Reid.

I am a proven Conservative fighter across many areas of activism. I stood the line as a three time Student Government Senator and Treasurer for the Young Conservatives of Texas at Baylor University. I advocated for Campus Carry, pro-life, and many other conservative issues in those roles of campus activism.

I am a whistleblower from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary when the institution decided to lerch to the Left and teach Critical Race Theory within their theology classes. I was the sole outspoken voice against this indoctrination of nearly 3,000 students.

I have gone against the Johnson County Establishment as a Precinct Chair, and am responsible for bringing a 16th satellite campus of the True Texas Project to Johnson County starting August 18th, where I will serve as the Johnson County Co-Director.

I will hold accountability to all public and party officials from local to state-wide. I encourage every member of SD-10 to hold me accountable as I accomplish this task. I am wholeheartedly transparent, and want the swamp of Austin drained. In this regard, I want to train and coordinate with County Chairs, Precinct Chairs, and Conservative Grassroots activists within Tarrant, Johnson, Parker, Palo Pinto, Stephens, Shackleford, Callahan, and Brown Counties. For our Grassroots Army to be effective, we need constant, clear communication across the spectrum from the smallest precinct on up. Lastly, I will be unwaveringly bold in defending our Constitutional principles and standing firm on the Republican Party Platform. Texas should be leading the Nation in the pursuit of Freedom, but our Establishment Republican leadership has betrayed us by playing up to the lobbyists and special interests. I will be bold in standing against this blatant corruption and politics as usual in the Republican Party.